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For 2/70 at home I use a Diamond X50N 2/70 antenna, mounted on top of the roof, 14m above ground level (5m above my house, so I don't need a building permit... my county is quite fussy about that), which is about 12m ASL.


For HF at home I use a home-built ZS6BKW in an inverted-V setup, connected to a MFJ 926B 1.8-30MHz a-symetric tuner. The top of the inverted-V is just below the X50N, you can see the setup in the picture on the left (although the antenna wires of the SZ6BKW are barely noticable).


I also use the MFJ-926B tuner when on vacation, sometimes with a random wire sloper from my portable mast, sometimes with a random loop, but mstly with a second ZS6BKW. For 2/70 on vacation I use a Comtex X30N (yes an OEM Diamond X30N, but a lot cheaper) on a extendable/portable mast.

sg7500 45

In my car for VHF/UHF I use a Diamond SG-7500 mounted on a railmount.