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Here you will find info on CEPT regulations and frequency usage in Europa. Download my Excel 2010 spreadsheet for information about what bands and frequencies you can use accross Europe (complete with the maps you see below and clickable sources for the regulatory info I used). If you spot any errors or can give me a link to your countries regulator/license info, please let me know!

The maps below show the countries you can use your regular CEPT license and the country prefix you need to use. There are maps for Europe Full and Europe Novice. You can use your CEPT license in the coloured countries (they also have the prefix in them you should use, but check the XLS file for all the details!), not in the white ones. As you can see, a Full license will cover almost all of Europe, a Novice license is much more limited. If you are a Novice, consider upgrading. =8-)

  • Europe CEPT F prefixes
  • Europe CEPT N prefixes
  • Excel file screenshot

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